When UFOs descend to Earth, things get pretty real pretty quickly. Tom 1 year ago. A list of science fiction films released in the 1990s.These films include core elements of science fiction, but can cross into other genres.They have been released to a cinema audience by the commercial film industry and are widely distributed with reviews by reputable critics..
140 Essential 90s Movies. The Five Best Alien Movies of the 90s. Not all were great though. Think back to the science fiction cinema of the 1990s, and some of the decade’s biggest box-office hits will immediately spring to mind: The Phantom … Coneheads (1993) This is the definitive ranking of the greatest alien-encounter movies as scored by Metacritic. Here are a few examples of ways you can filter the charts: The Worst Alien Invasion Films of the 1990s; The Top 10 Alien Invasion Films of the 1990s You must’ve left your pager in your other pair of Zubaz, ‘cuz the 1990s are trying to get in touch: The decade’s back, and it’s brought 140 friends! Aliens were all over theaters in the 90s with films such Independence Day, Men in Black, and Species leading the list of the more popular titles.

Wazzup, home skillet! The Five Best Alien Movies of the 90s. While there were plenty of straight-to-video releases, here’s a list of 90s Alien Movies released in theaters that crashed and burned.