Even simpler: Hang a painted birdhouse from the stand. Tree Stump Mosaic (source unknown) Allium Garden Art from Empress of Dirt. Spoon Flowers for the Garden (source unknown) Tire Frog Garden Art from Two Women and a Hoe. I painted my allium purple with a green stem. In this garden, an old birdcage stand elevates a hanging plant. The advantage: They will be waterproof, weather-resistant and very easy to make.
Use a bunch of plastic bottles, dowel rods, smooth foam ball and adhesive to recreate this DIY garden art dandelion project. Create DIY garden decor for your garden, using these ideas for inspiration! Cheap ideas

Put your empty bottles on a tree for a little extra shine in your garden, or take broken china and press it into a concrete garden stone. These leaves are very decorative and can be made very quickly. DIY Water Drop Solar Lights from The Navage Patch. Garden sculptures to make your own - the decoration of large plant leaves. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on them, but at the same time you will have wonderful decorations that will make your garden with a completely different look. Each one will be unique even though they are cast from the same mold. Concrete is not just a building material. DIY Garden 22 DIY concrete projects and creative ideas for your garden and patio. DIY garden projects anyone can make for home gardening. Let your garden be an expression of your personality. 40 Gorgeous DIY Stone, Rock, and Pebble Crafts To Beautify Your Life. Consider the overall shape and design of the object to decide where it would fit in your garden. There are many things you can do for your garden improvement. Incorporating fun antique pieces from inside the house into your yard gives it a unique look no one else on the block will have. Try placing something high, such as in the trees, at eye level and down low item to await discovery. You should research how to make concrete molds first to become familiar with the process. The material is a durable mixture of aggregates, bonding agent and water that dry to a tough, durable state that weathers extremes of hot and cold year after year. Take help from this video tutorial . How to Make Garden Art Alliums.

27 Original Garden Art DIY Projects to Add a Unique Touch to Your Exterior Just choose the stones you want to use ,and then adhere them together, creating a sculpture of any size or shape you want.
Concrete is a popular medium for outdoor garden statues. How to Create a Garden Sculpture with Cement and Styrofoam. This list of 8 brilliant DIY vintage and rustic garden decor ideas on a budget you need to try right now. Here we have 50 stunning garden statue ideas for you to sift through and make your outdoor space look and feel just the way you want it to. Whether you’re an artist or not, you can create a stunning stone sculpture to decorate your outdoor garden area. This article will teach you how to build a garden sculpture using a Styrofoam form, which is then covered with a concrete shell. Just as you arrange garden plants to grow at different heights, you'll want garden art to appear at different levels, too. Great list of must haves for a small and big garden, backyard, patio and outdoor space. One of the easiest casting projects to make your own mossy DIY Concrete Face Garden Sculpture … Make decorations from your old stuff to make sure that your garden design is unique.