Directed by Mike Stanley. With Naveen Andrews, Henry Ian Cusick, Jeremy Davies, Michael Emerson. The theory that in postmodernity nothing is ever out of fashion, anything from the past may come back, 'everything old is new again,' etc. Directed by Stephen Williams. What he finds is a drug called "Doxitol" which can grow back severed limbs and bring life back to the newly dead. Ben and Locke return to the island, where Ben says he is going to summon the Smoke "monster" and atone for his daughter's death. In addition, the falling-out on the island between Ben and Charles Widmore is revealed. Also with quotes: "'Dead' is dead", "'dead' is 'dead'", etc. With Mike Stanley, Connie Cocquyt, Rob Binge, Dave Hildwein. Eric Shepherd searches for answers into the death of his brother.