Most modern baris can only go that low, and I recently saw a picture of a King alto saxophone with that capability. You can also make a low A extension. Getting back to high G, you need to hear the note before you can play it, and you need a tuner to help you with this. You basically make the instrument longer when needed but you will loose low B-flat when using the extension. How to Play High G on Alto, Tenor Saxophone. Nearly every player struggles with getting these notes at first and it’s difficult to believe how easy pro players make them sound. The most common fingering for high G on the tenor is the front f as follows: This is the main fingering and it should work quite well. The tenor saxophone is a woodwind instrument that is very prominent in jazz groups and is also one of the important voices of a concert or marching band, playing inner harmony parts or doubling melodic lines. Saxophone Finger Chart – All the notes and fingerings on saxophone.

Re: learning to play alto sax 16:36 on Monday, April 11, 2005 Whenever I try to play a low note, for example, if I play a low C, then the sound that comes out of the horn is actually of a middle C. And my Sax doesn’t have the pinky Bb key, the bis key and the topmost key of the left hand. There is no point in learning altissmo if you are still unable to play low notes quietly. Specifically, what happens and what to do when the low notes on your saxophone—like from low C down to B and B flat—are just not working or popping out. ... G flat. I grew up playing the trumpet, and I still play the trumpet to this day. Re: how to play low notes better. Related Posts:Saxophone Fingering Chart for Sax Station SubscribersSaxophone Fingering Chart – Learn […] Free Saxophone Lessons. A sharp B flat. 8 ve Key. working on long tones helped me. Low F# has two possible fingerings on saxophone, but the first sounds a lot better.

Larger and lower pitched than the "typical" saxophone, the alto sax, but still smaller than the hulking baritone, the tenor is a common yet unique saxophone to play. Actually, this problem happens a lot. Try singing the pitch to yourself and then remember the pitch when starting to play the overtone note. Let me get the basic stuff out of … The linked article is for a baritone sax but I did this with a curved soprano sax once to be able to get low A (concert G on soprano). D. D sharp E flat. In your sax playing in general it is such good practice to hear the pitch first. Ab or G# has a lot of options. Hello and welcome to this series of Notes On Alto Saxophone.

Whenever I blow into my Alto Sax, a sort of a whistling sound comes out. It really helps with tone and intonation. What we need to bear in mind is that the more we move away from the ideal resonance the more the sound becomes dull - the low Bb for example sounds much fuller than low A and low Ab (I've just touched low G for a moment) - simply said the length of the sax dictates how low we can go (via resonance) and unless we pull the mouthpiece big time, a full low resonant A isn't available. Saxophone Fingering Chart. I’ve studied the trumpet with phenomenal teachers, and what they taught applies to playing an high G on the tenor, alto saxophone or any of the saxophones. Tutor locator . Whether you play an alto saxophone, tenor saxophone or any others, the range is the same for all saxophone, therefor, the saxophone fingering chart shown below applies to every type of saxophone. G on the staff on saxophone is actually one of the easier notes to play. 8 ve Key. Without a doubt, getting started on the “altissimo” range of the saxophone is tricky. maybe start a few notes above the ones that you are having trouble with and slur down one note at a … Add this page to your favorites! I am a pure beginner. Even if you can play these higher notes of the normal register with confidence, make sure you have developed your low notes. Home . The whole middle change comes out a little easier than the very low or very high notes. Re: learning to play alto sax 16:36 on Monday, April 11, 2005 As far as I know, nobody has ever attempted to produce a saxophone which goes lower than A; there really hasn`t been a reason to. Free Saxophone Lessons. But whenever i try to play a low G or lower it jumps an octave.