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Shut up About Politics

Rich took to Twitter to celebrate the news and thank "The Five" for letting him premiere it. A big plus is 100 % of the proceeds go to Folds of Honor. Stick to sports or the weather. John Rich and 'The Five' team up for hit new song 'Shut Up About Politics'; all proceeds will be donated to Folds of Honor. Thanks to Lunker for correcting these lyrics. This year is a particularly bad time to discuss politics “People feel increasingly uncomfortable around their Fox News-loving grandfather or their New York Times-subscribing granddaughter. And in the past few years, I have given it up altogether. Shut Up About Politics. “Shut up about politics. In his new song, “Shut Up About Politics,” the 45-year-old singer gives us a tongue in cheek look at all the divisive political talk going on in the country. Podcasts; ... co-host of Fox News Channel's "The Five" and host of "The Daily Briefing" and Chris Stirewalt Fox News Politics Editor and …

So shut up about politics.” (Somewhat ironic, of course, for a show written by and featuring news personalities who spend most of their time discussing politics.)

'Shut Up About Politics' becomes the No. Yahoo News Video • November 2, 2019. “You had some really good lines and ‘shut up about politics’ was in there and so I pulled that one out and built the song.” The country singer also confirmed that proceeds from the single will go to Folds of Honor, a non-profit that provides scholarships to the family members of disabled and fallen services members. Despite the lyrics in the song, Rich wants his fans to know he feels there is a place to talk politics. Shut Up and Play: Black Athletes, Protest Politics, and Black Political Action - Volume 18 Issue 1 - Christopher C. Towler, Nyron N. Crawford, Robert A. Bennett Whitmer responded to the outrage of her constituents thusly: "I know that people are angry and that's OK, and if you want to take it out and send it my way, if it makes you feel better, that's fine. nocones wrote: I've found that to get these kind of people to shut up about it the next time he's on politics just badger the crap out of him about what is he doing about it. Ain’t nothing but a big pile of dirty tricks. John Rich wrote this in collaboration with Greg Gutfeld (Fox News' The Five). Every family has that one relative that can’t stop forcing their controversial political stances down everyone’s throats. Greg’s guest today is songwriter, vocalist, guitarist and half of the dynamic music duo “Big & Rich,” John Rich. ‘Shut Up About Politics’ singer talks about politics. The uptempo tune, written by John and first time songwriter Fox News host Greg Gutfeld , shares a sentiment that a majority of the country is hoping will come to fruition. And research indicates the solution to this is simply to not engage in political debate. When I was young, I felt a need to understand politics, and I spent time studying. J. John Rich Lyrics… 2 overall song on iTunes [Video]