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american guinea hog meat yield

In the summer of 2012 we began a breeding program for Heritage Hogs.

6. preserving America’s original homestead hog — the American Guinea Hog (AGH), ensuring the AGH population is both healthy and genetically diverse, and; educating members and the public about the attributes of this rare, heritage breed. We give pork share members a portion of their hog every month over the CSA season. Being an old lard breed, they are fattier and their smaller size will yield a carcass of about 50 to 100 pounds. At the Old Crowe Farm we chose to raise livestock from the The Livestock Conservancy’s (TLC) list of breeds needing our support to avoid being lost forever. 7. The meat is darker, more marbled and tender than the commercially raised “white” pork most people are accustomed to. One Guinea hog will yield 60 to 80 pounds of pork. Both are … Our American Guinea Hogs are naturally resistant to parasites and diseases and we never vaccinate, nor use de-wormers, nor perform any vet work of any kind. A landrace breed selected over a long period of time for conditions in the South, its …

American Guinea Hog boars are very … The overall percentage of lean muscle using the industry formula based on backfat at 1st and 10th rib, loin eye area and hot carcass weight is 24%. Keeping the bone in all cuts (ham, roasts, chops), and retaining the edible organs and head yielded 40 lbs of cut and wrapped meat–very little loss from the hanging weight. Our pasture raised American Guinea Hog pork is available to our vegetable CSA members as an add-on item as half and whole hogs. The saleable yield of the Guinea Hog, cut in the American style, is 66%. We selected the American Guinea Hog since it was well suited to our climate and our pasture-based sustainable farm environment. Is it easy to keep a breeding boar to impregnate a female? Member involvement is welcome and encouraged. The extremely flavorful meat is redder than supermarket pork as a result of the hogs’ forage-based diet. A small breed such as the American Guinea hog may be the best choice for many homesteads. Why the Guinea Hog? Its history is as mysterious as they come, but one thing is clear — it was the homestead hog of choice in the southeast U.S. during the 1800s. Introducing … the American Guinea Hog!

We estimate she weighed in at about 275 lbs live weight, a pretty typical size for a full sized American Guinea Hog. Guinea Hogs are small pigs compared to modern breeds; they weigh less than 200lbs and will yield 50-100lbs of meat and fat, and so are not used in commercial farming commonly, if at all.

The booklet was made possible by donations. It was a fixture on homesteads in the American Southeast for more than 200 years. Guinea Hogs do not produce a “modern” market carcass. Ardachy Farm - Pure Windswept Pasture Meats Ardachy (ar-dah-key) Farm is introducing Windswept Pastured Pork available March 2012! Guinea Hog. For the sake of calculation, I will equate the lard yield from Big Mama as 1 "Hog Unit of Lard", or "HUL" for short. The American Guinea Hog Association, Inc. is devoted to.

An eight- to twelve-month old Guinea Hog will yield a 50- to 100-pound hanging-weight carcass.

This rare and storied breed has a fascinating history. The Guinea Hog is a compact, hairy, black or occasionally red pig with upright ears and a curly tail. The Guinea Hog is a rare breed with a black coat, sturdy body, curly tail and upright ears.