He is an extremely strong individual, with the ability to possess anyone experiencing extreme hatred, including powerful superheroes. Earth-Prime is one of the many universes in the new multiverse created during the Anti-Monitor Crisis. It featured the return of Eclipso after his imprisonment in his palace on the moon. The Eclipse provides a perfect unisex frame, blended with the most sought out high grade woods and optical components on earth. In his absence, one villain who could emerge to cause havoc across Earth Prime is Eclipso, a being who feeds off of hatred to possess people using the shards of the Heart of Darkness. Eclipses During 2020 ... For more information about this eclipse, see the EclipseWise Prime Page for the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of 2020 January 10. It reaches Earth's sunset terminator at 17:54 UT1 and lifts back into space just 360 kilometers shy of the coast of Namibia. It, along with the new multiverse, was created by the Spectre and the Paragons after the Anti-Monitor destroyed the previous multiverse, though at the cost of Oliver's life. With Thunderbolt, Alan Scott, Dr Fate, Ares, Zatanna, and others like Superboy Prime, Cyborg Superman, Captain Atom, Swamp Thing, Eclipso, and all the others, Earth can win. This Superman left Earth after he watched all of his friends and family on Earth die. It debuted shortly after the success of the "Eclipso: The Darkness Within" crossover. This page contains information about Eclipso (Volume 1). Exclusive deals at Whole Foods Market and 5% back with the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card. Make use of Google Earth's detailed globe by tilting the map to save a perfect 3D view or diving into Street View for a 360 experience. He is the Superman of the 853rd Century, also called Superman Prime One Million. 6 … As Caitlin struggles to be a good person, she still reckoning with the predatory nature of her powers. Share your story with the world. . Watch what you love with award-winning Amazon Originals, movies and TV shows, included in your membership. Nevertheless, there is an alternate version of Superman that can compete with the gods. Superboy-Prime (Clark Kent, born Kal-El), also known as Superman-Prime or simply Prime, is a DC Comics superhero turned supervillain and an alternate version of Superman.The character first appeared in DC Comics Presents #87 (November 1985) and was created by Elliot S! Looks good on / fits most faces. Maggin and Curt Swan (based upon the original Superboy character by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster).

. Contents[show] Hosts of Eclipso Bryce Gordon Steve Lombard Various civilians Early life Eclipso has existed for many generations, many times as a deity both worshiped and feared by ancient cultures.

However, the Kryptonian is nothing compared to the cosmic entities of the DC Universe. Eclipso Music of the Spheres is a collection of Countdown to Mystery (issues 1-8, 2007), but this is one of the few times I like the fact that, as a tpb, this feels like a true stand-alone story rather than a precursor to an all-titles major event; usually those kind of four to eight issues series leading into a crossover event end up feeling like a teaser with lots of plot holes. Eclipse Prime Inspired by the classic wayfarer, perfected by Arc-Iris, and composed in a natural medium. Eclipso is a powerful cosmic entity representing the wrath of God.