The top of the plywood is the stage surface, and the bottom --where the 2-by-4 boards are attached--is the sub-floor. By combining multiple stage platforms, you can build a stage in any shape or size you desire. Build your first stage module. Screw the 2-by-4 boards into the plywood from the top. Building A Sturdy Stage In 6 Steps Written by Doityourself Staff. on Jul 16, 2009.

A raised outdoor performance stage constructed of wood can enhance the overall sound at an outdoor concert while also providing a protective structure for electronics and other stage equipment. Lay out a piece of 4-by-8 foot plywood and attach 2-by-4 boards to the bottom as illustrated in the diagram. Well-constructed stage risers represent a significant financial investment for any theatrical organization. Building a stage can provide a great addition to a playroom, or provide an elevated platform for a performance.

Building a stage is sometimes one of those construction projects that you can do yourself. Stage risers or platforms are ubiquitous in the theatre and performing arts. Over many years of stagecraft, a standardized 4-by-8-foot modular design has been used for creating a riser than can be adapted for many uses and productions. In this stage design and construction video series, learn how to build one of those small “portals.” Our expert—a director, actor, and producer himself—will show you tips and techniques for building a small, mobile stage that can be set up anywhere you or your acting troupe decide to give a performance. How to Build a Stage.