Inland carpet python morphs- Morelia spilota metcalfei. Widow is a 2017 female 60% diamond jungle cross that we heldback from our DC/Marvel pairing. Carpet pythons are very popular as pets and are found to be sturdy to some extent. Specimens with high-contrasting black and yellow are highly sought after, and with good reason.

Photo by Darrian Whitacker.

Scientific name: Morelia spilota cheynei We have thousands of exotic reptiles for sale from top breeders from around the world.

Most specimens are olive green, with pale, dark-edged blotches, stripes or cross-bands.

Identification: Carpet snakes are extremely variable in colour and pattern. Try browsing the Carpet Pythons Index if you're looking for something specific. The subspecies is carnivorous and semi-arboreal. If you are a snake lover who is planning to raise one as a pet, then carpet python is one of the ideal choices. For more information, check out How It Works. Carpet Pythons reach sexual maturity at 18 months to 4 years of age. We don´t have one Jungle, we have about 30 Jungles. Head of Carpet Python, Morelia spilota, showing heat sensitive pits along jaw-line and forked tongue. Males are usually sexually mature by about 17-18 months of age. Jungle Carpet Python […]

Melanistic. Looking at bigger numbers of somethings helps a lot. They do tend to start off a little snappier than other species, but most calm down at around a year of age. Jungle Carpet Pythons are often thought of as the most striking of all the pythons.

One foot of height is probably the minimal needed, because a hide box that is 5 inches high will still allow a space for the pythons to climb on top and have an arboreal perspective. BlackLash. Once a jungle carpet python begins to show scale darkening in the saddles, these areas will not become lighter or cleaner again. No handling or “taming” is required.

Powered by WordPress. It’s fascinating to see how they use their bodies to manipulate the prey into position before consuming it. Ball python and albino ball python (Python regius) Ball pythons are also known as royal pythons.

They do need high humidity, and can be prone to health issues if you don't maintain it (like many other snakes).

I found this outstanding video of a carpet python preying on a possum.

today i talk about my jungle carpet and the experience i … 2014 Holdback female zebra from our Hocus/Shadow pairing. Silver Pepper.

Jungle carpet python morphs- Morelia spilota cheynei. They are just a pretty snake to look at. Breeding size occurs at 4'+ depending on subspecies. in Jungle Carpet Pythons. Jungle carpet python is a subspecies of snake occurring in Queensland, Australia. a pair of 2015 holdbacks from separate pairings, looking forward to seeing what they can produce. Jungle Carpet Pythons for Sale in the United States. Males will often stop eating during breeding season and display cruising behavior in their cage, relentlessly crawling in pursuit of a mate. Axanthic Photo by Roger Lester Crosses, Combo and Designer Morphs of the Carpet Complex. This is a very important fact to understand when acquiring a jungle carpet python. As with other pythons, the Jungle Carpet Python’s main diet is small mammals.

I´m not a scientist as other highly respected experts in this hobby/community, but having one of the largest collections of Carpet Pythons worldwide might have helped to get a good overview about some myths regarding Carpet Pythons. Just such a cool animal, we cant wait to see her adult colors. Just such a …

Darwin carpet python morphs-Morelia spilota variegata. Many carpet python owners have adult snakes in a 4’ long x 2’ deep x 1’ high cages. ... HeadHunter Reptiles. Care is easy, whether you're an experienced handler or not. in Jungle Carpet Pythons. They are native to west and central Africa but have become popular pets in Western countries. Centralian python morphs- Morelia bredli. Like all pythons, the snake is nonvenomous and kills its prey by constriction.


Frozen, pre-killed, or live mice, rats, gerbils, and rabbits are accepted, although caution must be taken when feeding live food, which could harm the snake. Carpet Snake or Carpet Python Morelia spilota.

carpet pythons are notorious for being mean, nasty and just an aggressive snake, but the question today is is that the truth?

Photo by The snake ranch .