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link and zelda tattoo

Link’s Awakening finds our favorite hero shipwrecked on Koholint Island.

Zelda tattoos grant immense mystique to legions of Nintendo players everywhere.

Discover (and save!)

Discover (and save!)

In Legend of Zelda tattoos, Link is indeed a popular inspiration, but also the Princess Zelda. Zelda tattoos from around the globe, the Internet, and all over the human body. See more ideas about Zelda tattoo, Zelda and Legend of zelda.

She is an interesting gamer's fantasy, and she often changes of appearance in tattoos, blonde or brunette, pixelated or realistic, to fit a real or dream girlfriend. Enemies of Link have also a great part in Legend of Zelda tattoos, especially the fascinating Skull Kid. your own Pins on Pinterest [21] While riding through a forest in Hyrule on his horse Epona, Link is ambushed by the masked Skull Kid and his fairy accomplices Tatl and Tael, who steal both Epona and his musical instrument, the Ocarina of Time. Check out their enviable Legend of Zelda tattoos, done by some of the best geek art tattoo artists in the scene!

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A tattoo needs to mean something to you.

Oct 23, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by GeekQueen. Ve más ideas sobre La leyenda de zelda, Zelda y Videojuegos. What’s great about Legend of Zelda tattoos is that you have a huge list of images to pick from for your tattoo design. Easily the most commonly seen Legend of Zelda tattoo is Link, who is the lead character from the story and who most people think about when they think of Zelda. 5. The Definitive Collection of Legend of Zelda Tattoos.

The legend of Zelda has inspired many to get tattoos that incorporate characters or elements of this fantastic world. 3.

It could also be a form of inspiration for mandala tattoo with intricate designs and multiple colors that will merge into tattoo artwork. The Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening Guide | Etsy. This cute tattoo of Link and Zelda: prhymesuspect / Via instagram.com.

Link is as popular as Zelda herself. 4. This infamous series lends itself to amazing manifestations of body art that strikingly appeal to avid gamers and casual fans alike.

It really is going to come down to choosing what you like about the game the most and what you think will look best in your tattoo.

Enemies of Link have also a great part in Legend of Zelda tattoos, especially the fascinating Skull Kid. Feb 29, 2020 - Explore vividadikkshunz's board "Zelda Tattoo Ideas" on Pinterest.