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mother's day fundraising campaigns

Tools to help you let your supporters know that they can raise donations with their Mother's Day gifts and enter our Giveaway competition. Just choose a template to adapt from our extensive template gallery, or create yours from scratch by dragging and dropping sections, images and content blocks. Mailjet’s collaborative email editor, Passport, is the best way to create stunning Mother’s Day email campaigns that will look great on any device and inbox.

Hold a Raffle And, for many nonprofit organizations, this is a great direct mail theme and just in time for a Spring appeal. The campaign receieved extensive media coverage not just for its larger-than-life give-away, but for its honest message. For Mother’s Day 2019, Kraft, working with a budget of $50,000, pledged to reimburse the cost of a babysitter for moms who wanted to take a break on Mother’s Day. On the occasion Mother’s Day, they posted a video that describes how two small kids took their collected money to present a gift to their mother. This nonprofit provides education and dedicates resources to make childbirth safe for every mother. — Mother’s Day Campaigns Better than Ever My husband received this highly-effective email from Nothing but Nets this week, just in time for Mother’s Day. They also provide a wide range of services and resources to keep families together and support newly created families. Topicals like Mother's Day really brings out the best from creative agencies, and gives brands a chance to create conversations with their audience and connect with them on an emotional level.

Use Mother’s Day to provide a sense of time-sensitive urgency to your appeal.

All funds raised will go directly to Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome Foundation, Inc.

Outreach International Who they are: Selamta brings together orphaned children and marginalized women to create forever families. Personally, as a mom I would love a digital card over a paper card to save a tree! Their campaign is exclusively focused on mothers. Whether you decide to do it digital or in print, the rewards can be huge if your mother is an animal lover! Get those tissues ready, 'cause boy will you need it. Think of creative ways to make the most out of these opportunities and raise some much needed funds on this day. These are just a few simple suggestions to get you started thinking about how Mother’s Day can become a central fundraising campaign theme for your organization. Selamta. Mother’s Day is a perfect time to do a fundraising campaign due to it’s personal and emotional nature.