First is control of the sea to assure the U.S. can use the oceans for economic and military purposes while denying such access to opponents in time of crisis or war.

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Navy warned on Tuesday that vessels in the Persian Gulf should stay at least 100 meters away from U.S. warships … The U.S. Navy's presence in the Persian Gulf might have limited the scope of Saddam Hussein's aggressive activity in the waters of the gulf, but it certainly did not deter his attack on Kuwait.

Just earlier this year, Army AH-64s trained on Puller, in cooperation with other Navy and Coast Guard vessels, in the Persian Gulf.At one point during … He dismissed Trump’s threat last week that the U.S. Navy will fire at Iranian boats as “psychological warfare” aimed at distracting public attention ahead of the upcoming U.S. presidential election. First, there is the new naval facility in Bahrain, called the United Kingdom Naval Support Facility, or HMS Jufair. Iran's navy will continue its regular missions in the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman despite a new US military directive warning of defensive measures if American warships are approached by armed vessels at a 100-metre radius, a senior military official told Iranian Students News Agency on Wednesday.
Tehran has repeatedly decried such patrols, saying that they increase tension in the region and vowed to respond by force …

PERSIAN GULF — Iranian Navy fast boats came close to the USS Essex, a U.S. Navy assault ship, and at least one of the other ships in the Essex Amphibious Ready Group in the Persian Gulf … One writer at Forbes has cheekily suggested that President Trump’s recent threat against Iranian boats in the Persian Gulf is designed to provoke Iran into doing precisely what the US Navy says their mission is to prevent: block the Strait of Hormuz and raise the price of oil. The United States Navy is structured to provide four fundamental military capabilities. a short history of the united states navy in the arabian gulf. A U.S. Navy fleet sent to the Persian Gulf to ward off a potential threat to American commercial interests represents a target instead of a serious threat, a … Iranian navy hits own ship with missile, kills 19 sailors near Persian Gulf waters The Konarak support vessel, which was struck during a training exercise in the Gulf of …

Ivory Justice, a July 1990 exercise ordered by Washington, involved only two American frigates, several Air Force aircraft, and a few jet fighters of the United Arab Emirates. the role of the navy in joint operations.
WASHINGTON — Nearly a dozen vessels from Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy took "dangerous and provocative" actions near U.S. Navy and Coast Guard ships in the Persian Gulf… It is stationed on the site of an old base, which the Royal Navy ran until 1971.