The match called for blood, and New Jack was happy to cut Mass Transit wide open: “I ain’t try to kill him but I wanted to go close to death.” New Jack has been at the centre of some truly stomach-churning incidents in wrestling, such as: the Mass Transit Incident where he mangled Eric Kulas, a teenager who managed to get into a tag team match involving New Jack by lying about his age and falsely claiming he was a trained wrestler; the ECW Living Dangerously 2000 accident (a.k.a. The Most Violent Man in Wrestling Lays Down His Staple Gun. In the end, Taz would be acquitted. Kulas subsequently sued New Jack and ECW for damages in 1998 but lost would lose the case. The ‘Mass Transit’ incident would lead to the cancellation of Barely Legal, ECW’s first PPV scheduled for Christmas Eve, 1996, by the provider Request TV. New Jack ended up carving the head of a minor who lied about his age. His ring name was Mass Transit, and he was an untrained novice wrestler who apparently disrespected New Jack before the show.