In fact, I’ve helped so many people manage socially awkward moments that I’d like to share my proven tips on how to not be socially awkward and shine at work. Social anxiety is a real and common fear. Soak up what you can and ask, ask, ask about the what, where, when, and how of what you are assigned to do. Ask Yourself ‘Why?’. Recommended reading Remember that awkward situations happen to everyone. Stop labeling yourself as ‘socially awkward’. While... Face awkwardness head-on. Most people can’t define what makes someone socially awkward, weird or socially inept. i am very private person and quiet (shy) and i don't fit in at work... i'll say hello but then i don't say anything else and it's very awkward b/c at my work there is a lot of talking and socializing instead of working. First, you need to be careful at work (at least in the US), especially telling someone at work that you have a crush on them. However, what can be harder is analyzing yourself to figure out: “Am I socially awkward?” That’s why I’ve written this article showing you 10 sure signs to watch out for. If you feel all these when you’re in public, read on, we have something for you. Everyone has a socially awkward encounter once in a while, but some people have consistent trouble relaxing around others. From struggling to talk to girls, to making a fool of myself in front of groups of people, I’ve never been comfortable meeting new people and making a good impression. Practice interacting with others. It’s held me back in trying new things and getting out of my comfort zone. Presenting a form or different forms of uncomfortability when around others. I’ve been socially awkward my whole life. There are a couple of things here. Take our personality quiz to find out! Fear of judgment, fear of crowds, fear of saying the wrong thing; fear is one thing that can keep people away from situations where they have to interact with others. Not everyone is cut out for constantly interacting with strangers, so naturally, this makes some lines of work intimidating and unapproachable. As Tashiro writes, “When awkward people take the responsibility to work hard to improve their empathic capacity and others show some patience and encouragement, awkward and socially fluent people can find an unusual brand of emotional connection.” A lot of my work involves helping people make change happen, overcome dips in confidence and to be more resilient and brush off the socially awkward moments. Shift Your Mindset. Why are you having these socially awkward feelings in the first place? It’s hurt my life in more ways than one. How Socially Awkward Are You? It might be your view on how you feel, but it... 2. For each of the situations listed below, select your likely response. Your job is to learn what one has to know to work in this organization. When you’re socially awkward, the idea of working at a job where you have to face customers or even coworkers on a daily basis can be a daunting task.