Health and strength is above all gold.

He had some repairs to pay for over and above the cost of the car. Police officers go over and above what is expected of them in … Above & Over.

Example sentences with the word above.

In the second sentence, ‘above’ is used in the terms of ‘height’ by scale. A faintly comic figure, he fears ridicule above all else. " The birds were sitting above on the power lines. " There is a painting above the sofa.

The clerk nodded, so the woman wrote a check and handed it over.

The teacher goes over and above for her students.
Over and above definition is - in addition to : besides. 4. (adverb) An example of something that is above would be clouds floating in the sky. The roof is above Jill's head. over definition: Over is defined as above, on top of or higher in rank or authority. The waiters get good tips over and above … Consider another example where something is both over and above at the same time: The roof is over Jill's head. According to, Over is defined as: Directly above; on the top of; via the top or upper surface of it is needless to say health is above wealth. use "above" in a sentence in August of 1944, Nazi police found Anne Frank and her family hiding in secret rooms above her father's factory in Amsterdam, Holland.

We gave them two tons over and above the amount agreed to. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "over" Use over in a sentence. " Her grades are … 2. The word over. Examples of above in a sentence, how to use it. The use of over in the first sentence emphasizes the role that the roof plays in providing shelter for the people who live under it, while the sentence with above is simply stating its position.
(no movement) The plane flew over the building. 100 examples: As indicated above, we considered the base input parameters to be conservative… Use over when there is movement. Love is, above all, the gift of one . How to use above in a sentence. The tall building towered above all the others.

The army took over the government. " The books are located on a shelf high above. "

The tree is 6 meters above the ground.

49+1 sentence examples: 1. above example sentences. The shower was now over, and a rainbow above the eastern woods …

(no movement) The chandelier hangs above the dining room table. Having crossed over, by a forced march, to the Tula road beyond the Pakhra, the Russian commanders intended to remain at Podolsk and had no thought of the Tarutino position; but innumerable … My brother makes it a rule to look over … Above or over? Examples. How to use over and above in a sentence. 3.

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above definition: Above is defined as something that is higher or overhead. (preposition) An example of over is the location of a roof to a house.

174+6 sentence examples: 1.

An example of over is a leader of a pack of animals compared to the others. Above all, I love Mark Twain.

5. " Water was leaking from above. " 3.

Over and above definition: Over and above an amount, especially a normal amount, means more than that amount or in... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Example sentences: " The kite was flying above. " - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary

Example Sentences.

In the first sentence, ‘above’ is used in the terms of ‘numbers’.