The United States may have been first to establish a national park but governments around the world have followed suit. Rounding out the Hahnel’s top 10 national parks is Lake Clark National Park & Preserve.

9. Panorama of a colorful sunset in Torres del Paine, Chile Anton Petrus / Getty Images. Travelers willing to rise early can enjoy the Maui Haleakala Sunrise Bike Tour . Popradské pleso in Tatra National Park, Slovakia. Nearly 100 countries around the world have lands classified as a national park.

Largest list of National Parks in the World. The beauty of the park lies in the panoramic view of the savanna, tropical rain forest, clean Blue Ocean and crystal sandy beaches. In a spectacular landscape, the valley was entirely sculpted by erosion, according to UNESCO. Yellowstone was the world's first National Park, and is still one of the most visited. The World’s Best National Parks, Ranked. Nearly 100 countries around the world have lands classified as a national park by this definition. Developing an international travel website is a very time consuming exercise and countries will be added one at the time will be added. Here are 30 of our iReporters' picks. Komodo has the richest and most amazing under water sea biota, which makes it the best diving site in the world. Dwellings and underground towns seen there date back … by Ashley Mateo. The waters surrounding the islands … This is a list of the number of national parks per nation, as defined by the International Union for Conservation of Nature . Getty.

The sheer Half Dome, the granite monolith of El Capitan and Wawona’s giant sequoias are an enticing prelude to the 739m-high Yosemite Falls. Visitors from around the world come to the park each year to catch the sunset from the top of Haleakala Crater, a dormant volcano that looms 10,000 feet above the island of Maui. OUR NATIONAL PARKS WORLDWIDE TOURS AND ECOCRUISES TAKE YOU TO THE WORLD's TOP 10+ AND MANY MORE NATURAL PLACES .

Australia alone has 285 parks, China has 208, Brazil has over 70, Mexico 67 and the U.S. has 60. One of the top 10 national parks in the world, Yosemite in California’s Sierra Nevada is packed with spirit-soaring scenery.

Komodo National Park is home to the world’s largest lizard dragons, usually three meters long and weighs over 90 pounds. The incredible rock formations make it one of the world’s most spectacular cave-dwelling developments. It is located in the volcanic zone of Hasan Mountain and Erciyes Mountain. The Goreme National Park was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1985.