U-505 was part of the large Type IX class of German boats specifically developed for deep sea service, granted inherently long endurance at the expense of agility and dive times.

I always liked Revell - it's my last name! The boat is their home, but it can become their grave at any time. The Kreigsmarine designers envisioned a submarine capable of operating far from German bases for extended periods of … Please correct me if I am wrong, but I understand that in SH5 you will only be able to use type VII U-Boats. She was launched on 23 September 1942 and commissioned on 23 December with Oberleutnant zur See Herbert Nollau in command.
Type IX had 5 external torpedo containers (3 at the stern and 2 at the bow) which stored 10 additional torpedoes. The 105mm gun was installed on the Type IA and Type IX U-boats. The Type IX boats were produced across four major groups as the Type IXA, Type IXB, Type IXC and Type IXD numbering a total of 283 units. The design was improved again in their successors of type IX C from 1939 onwards.

however I can accept their abscense, but the Type IX NEEDS TO BE IN GAME. Tons of fun to paint and weather. Manage every aspect of the u-boat, from starting the diesel engines with compressed air to opening the ballast tank flood valves - the entire boat is in your hands.
January 1945. Getting the Wolfpack VIIC next! I bet you'd want a Type 9 thats up to same standard, right- yet your only willing to pay peanuts, because you unfairly compare it to much simpler add-ons in other games.

U-Boat type: XXI 1/72 by RCsubs SKU-0200 Price: $ 220 or 180 € (In Stock 0 pcs) BONUS Free shipping. SG. Sometimes U-boats carried specialist crews on special missions, such as scientists, spies or commandos. I dont care if they add playable milch cows, but they need those too. Type IXB was an improved version of type IX with increased range of 1500 nautical miles and slightly heavier. • Conning Towers: U-67 – An Early Type IX C Boat with an Unusual Camouflage Scheme • Boat in Focus: Into Combat with the Queen of Hearts - An Outline of the Operations by the Early Type IX C Boat U-126 • Unusual: The U-Boat War Badge on an Underwear Pullover • Documents: An Invitation from the Commander of a Milk Cow A Type II U-boat comprised of 25 officers and seamen, while a Type VII housed approximately 45. The nearer we get to the release of the game the more skeptical I am about it. not only would Type IXs add a lot of flavor and ops we cant do now, not just monsun, but south atlantic which was sort of a big deal, but theyre the 2nd most common u boat! #317,662 in Toys & Games (See Top 100 in Toys & Games) #307 in Watercraft Model Kits: Customer Reviews: 4.6 out of 5 stars 64 ratings.