What if Scar from The Lion King was the good guy?Think about it: What if Scar was misunderstood in his motives? Have you ever noticed that there are no other Male Lions in the pride lands except simba, scar and Mufasa? "They heard this and they weren't' happy at all. What if he wanted to bring a wider variety of species to become allies with Pride Rock to have some sort of equalist movement in hopes for an even greater motive that would benefit all the land? Mufasa was the villain in the Lion King. After many years of famine,Simba finally returns home to take the throne from Scar.When Scar admitted to the rest of the pride that he killed Mufasa, a battle broke out and lightning set some of land on fire.Hyenas chased Simba and the pride and Simba cornered him."Murderer. "He growled.Scar said,"It was the hyenas.It was all their idea.