The names of his parents are Lisa May Goodes and Graham Goodes and he has made them very proud. We need you to answer this question! Personal Life Interesting Facts. He is a very tall man as he has a great height of 1.91 meters. He was named Australian of the Year in 2014. If you know the answer to this question, please register to join our limited beta program and start the conversation right now! Goodes has won two premiership medals (2005, 2012). Asked in Sports, Football - Australian Rules, Celebrity Births Deaths and Ages How old is Adam Goodes? His nationality is Australian. He was born in a place called Wallaroo which lies in Australia. Adam Goodes, Australian rules football’s most prominent Indigenous player, is being relentlessly booed. But in the dying moments of the game Goodes is by the boundary and can be seen pointing at a spectator who commentators quickly conclude made a racial slur at Goodes. Goodes holds an elite place in AFL/VFL history as a dual Brownlow Medallist, dual premiership player, four-time All-Australian, member of the Indigenous Team of the Century, and has represented Australia in the International Rules Series. Adam Goodes (born 8 January 1980) is a professional Australian rules football player with the Sydney Swans in the Australian Football League (AFL). ? Adam Goodes is an Indigenous Australian, an Andyamathanha and Narungga man who was born in South Australia in 1980. Adam Goodes was born on 1980-01-08. At the young age, Adam drew towards playing soccer ball. Adam Goodes, (born January 8, 1980, Wallaroo, South Australia, Australia), Australian rules football player who was one of the game’s leading scorers. Born in South Australia in 8 th January 1980, Adam Goodes age is 38 years old. Goodes’s mother was of Adnyamathanha and Narungga descent, a member of the “stolen generation” of Aboriginal children who were forcibly removed from their families. Adam Goodes was born on 1980-01-08. Back in 2015, AFL star Adam Goodes was thrown into the public eye after he was the subject a series of racial slurs that prompted him to retire from the sport. Adam Goodes is 37 years old. He has an accumulated net worth of eight hundred thousand dollar.Adam has also done many commercials.He is the founder of Goodes O’Loughlin Foundation. Prime Minister Tony Abbott presented Goodes with the award in front of a large crowd outside Parliament House in Canberra. Youth advocate and footballer Adam Goodes is Australian of the Year for 2014. He didn’t miss the chance to represent either on –under 16 or –under 18 levels, while his family commuted to Horsham, Victoria. Adam Goodes and the Swans put on a stellar performance defeating Collingwood by 47 points. He was drafted to the AFL in 1997 by the Sydney Swans, spent a year playing in the reserves, and was awarded the best first year player award in 1999. Chris Goodes was born on April 10, 1980, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Asked in Sports, Football - Australian Rules, Celebrity Births Deaths and Ages How old is Adam Goodes? For weeks now, each time Goodes nears the ball, pockets of the crowd erupt in ugly jeering. Where was Adam goodes educated?