and i just had to express that. i mean everytime i go to pass i have atleast 2 secs even with the best o line because defence gets there so fast.

I'm not sure why it's so difficult for you. ". so over the years ea only cared about mut im not bashing no one im not being disrespectful but it's time for someone to say something and stand up and say we have enough and that we want change.

madden isnt real football anymore it lost it realism and im … I’ve seen too many touchdown runs where the All Madden rb broke 3-4 tackles. Depending what difficulty you play on throwing downfield can be tough unless you have a WR with an ability like double me. I even set the difficulty on "Rookie" and took the CPU's AI all the way down and I'm still having a hard time running the ball, completeing passes, and having enough time in the pocket to throw.

ps, dont play payton manning- ladanian - julius peppers - and last but not least if u gotta play (tony romo sunava gun breaks tackles like adrien peterson and throws like tom + … not really a question but just really pist because i cant win in madden for the ps3.

Now that I've finally got a team to root for (LA Rams) I've been really into the NFL. I just bought the game today and it looks beautiful but the difficulty is ridiculous. If the All madden offense runs the ball, it’s guaranteed 4 yards, usually 8 yards, sometimes 20 yard gains because the running back, no matter the skill, turns into an absolute freight train. But before I did, I usually gave them (the trading team) a position or positions that they needed. If you're a coach or owner you should get the trade packages that should make it easier.

rumka74. I hardly even play defense because it’s so frustrating. The game has so many controls in order to make it as realistic as possible, which is why it is so immensely popular.

I'm a serious …

why ultimate team is very bad for gaming and for madden. I don't know if it's just my players, but they could no longer block for fucking shit and I constantly got sacked or …

mut have ruin madden. Playing offense has been lots of fun, learning play concepts, finding open receivers, & looking for the holes in … Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Yeah, the first season was piss easy but after that it felt like the difficulty increased. QB'S have a tough time making accurate throws, defense backs can't cover at all and the cpu qb only throws 2 to 3 incomplete passes a game. If you want to be good at a game the first time you play it, go back to the 2D game counsels. 35 posts Member.