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How eTutor Works?

Today’s competitive career environment expects a student to be proficient in different aptitudes such as abstract reasoning, spatial relations, perceptual speed and accuracy etc. Moreover premier institutions of higher learning like the IITs, AIMS etc. require a deep understanding of the concepts and an ability to apply the learned concepts.
The eTutor assessment solution is designed to assist teachers and educators in assessing student’s capabilities and help them in honing the required skills for the chosen career paths.

Teachers' Perspective & Outcome

Improvised Education Delivery

The system generates a detailed feedback on the student’s capabilities in their respective subjects, which helps the educators in planning appropriate training to nurture the skills in the required area and provide a strong foundation for successful careers.


Students' Perspective & Outcome

360 degree Assessment

The system is designed to help students of classes VII, VIII, IX and X. The system performs a 360 degree assessment of a student’s knowledge, aptitude, speed and accuracy in several subjects such as maths, science, language usage, verbal and numerical reasoning, mechanical reasoning etc.

Unique Features & Highlights

Psychometric Tests

Benchmarked Question Bank

AI-based Analytics

Cloud Computational Assessment

Detailed Feedback

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