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Candidate Portal

Candidate Portal

Single window for all candidate related operations. Simple and easy to use interface for anyone to quickly setup and conduct online examinations. Takes care of timely alerts and notifications before and after the scheduled examination.


Variety of options for registering candidates to exams. These include…
  • Candidate may directly register themselves on the web site
  • You can add the candidate details or import all the candidate data at one go.
  • Pull candidate data from your existing software
If this does not meet your expectation, we will customize to your specific needs.

Candidate Services

Candidate can login and…
  • Pay fees
  • Write exams
  • Check results
  • Review answers
Alternatively, you can just share a link to candidates to write the exam. You can also embed code in your website to provide access to the candidates.

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Seamless information sharing with candidates. You can configure the system and schedule
  • Periodic notifications before the exam, on the examination day and after the examination is over.
  • Distribute hall-tickets (if you opt for proctored examination centres)
  • Publish results

Help Desk

Integrated help desk to comfortably manage all the queries and issues arising from candidates.

Test management

Test Management

Big or small, we support all kinds of online exams. We deliver both internet-based direct to home tests and LAN based examinations in secure test centers across India. Tests are delivered on a secured high-performance cloud platform.

Testing Process

The process is simple and easy to use. You can quickly…
  • Set up a test
  • Assign candidates
  • Schedule date and time
  • Conduct exam
  • Publish results
  • Publish Certificates

Test creation

Service is offered with a large, in-built, and sorted question bank. All types of question formats are supported. System supports…
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • True/False
  • Matching
  • Numerical Answers
  • Subjective questions
  • Viva/interview

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Conducting Tests

Tests can be accessed from…
  • All devices, operating systems, and browsers
  • Low bandwidth clients
We support…
  • AI based state-of-the-art malpractice prevention measures
  • Authentication of candidates using face recognition

Large Scale examination support

We organize large scale online exams in proctored test centers spread across India. Exams can be conducted in LAN mode and Internet mode. We offer…
  • Test centers with trained invigilators
  • Biometric authentication, CCTV vigilance, Frisking at test centers
  • Confidential development and management of question papers
  • Audit log of candidate activity

Question Paper Creation

Question Paper Creation

Setting a question paper has never been so easy. Our system offers automatic question paper generation, instant evaluation, built-in question bank, and preconfigured templates.

Automatic Question Paper Generation

System automatically generates the question paper after taking inputs such as…
  • Total number of questions
  • Marks per question
  • Question difficulty level
  • Marks per question etc

Question Bank

System comes with large in-built question bank. You can select questions from the bank OR you can upload questions and create your own question paper. Questions are…
  • Segregated
    • o subject wise
    • o chapter wise
    • o topic wise
  • Provided with solutions
  • Indexed with estimated solving time
  • Arranged in the order of difficulty

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Question Paper Options

You can configure the test to…
  • Have multiple sections with separate time limits
  • Award negative marks for wrong answers
  • Jumble questions and options for candidates
  • Have tools such as timer, calculator etc.

Instant Evaluation & Review

Candidates’ responses are instantly evaluated as soon as he/she submits the test. Result can be immediately displayed or sent to the candidate by mail or submitted to you for review and further action.
Candidates can review their answers after the stipulated exam time is over. Each question can be reviewed with the respective correct answer and solution.

Built-in Templates

System comes with built-in templates for creating standard mock tests for exams like JEE, NEET, Bank POs, SAT etc. You can also define your own test pattern and specify instructions accordingly. Tools like timer, calculator can be added wherever necessary.
You can jumble questions and options in the prepared question paper to create unique sets for group of candidates and prevent malpractice.

Best-in-class test environment

Best-in-class Test Environment

We apply latest technologies to create convenient and quick to deploy test environments that are scalable, secure and reliable.


Whether it is a small class test for 20 students or an all-India entrance for lakhs of candidates, we deliver the tests on our high-performance private cloud. Exams can be conducted in LAN mode and Internet mode. We offer…
  • Test centers with trained invigilators
  • Biometric authentication, CCTV vigilance, Frisking at test centers
  • Confidential development and management of question papers
  • Audit log of candidate activity


All operations are organized and operated with standard security measures.
  • Data is encrypted while in transit and in storage
  • All servers are managed behind secure firewalls
  • 256bit SSL certificates

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Service is delivered on high performance managed cloud with 99.9% up time. Candidates can access the exam from
  • Any standard browser
  • Desk top computers, laptops, Tablets or Mobile phones
  • Any standard operating system
  • Even low bandwidth environments


  • No upfront investments on hardware
  • Low manpower costs and training costs
  • No maintenance hassles.
  • Accessible anytime from anywhere

Prevent Malpractice

Prevent Malpractice

We offer a highly secure and scalable environment. Measures are implemented at every level to prevent malpractices.


The AI based face recognition system authenticates every candidate and prevents impersonation. Candidates are authenticated with bio-metrics at test centers.

Safe exam browser

Tests are accessed on a safe browser. Candidate cannot access other websites, applications or windows while writing the exam.

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AI remote proctoring

System keeps track of candidate’s video and audio and raises alerts if any suspicious behaviour is observed. Use of objects like books, mobile phones, blue tooth devices etc are immediately reported. Presence of persons other than the candidate or voices are also flagged. Detailed log of candidate’s activity with video recording will be available after the exam for review and audit.



Service is offered with a bouquet of built-in standard reports. Reports and Dashboards are created for each role to suit the workflow and enhance productivity. Custom reports will be offered as per the specific requirement.

Test Administrators

Real time reports and dashboards are provided to test administrators. They can stay up-to-date on the status and drive the examinations effectively. They can drill down from dashboard to view and analyse data. Custom reports may be generated based on user preference. Report data can be exported and shared.


Candidates can view their performance and progress in their respective dashboard. Detailed analytics can be provided depending on the specific requirements of client application.

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Multi-dimensional Reports

Reports can be generated on multiple dimensions such as…
  • Candidate performance
  • Test wise reports
  • Question wise reports
  • Group comparisons
  • Time analysis
  • Difficulty analysis